Happy Birthday to YOU!

September is a busy month for birthdays in our family. To start, we celebrated Matthew's on the 11th. Matthew loves watching Diners, Drive Ins and Dives or Triple D. Lots of ways to make enormous burgers. So the one we featured at the burger bar bash was The Dead Texan. A honkin big patty sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches with a fried egg and bacon and cheese and onion, lettuce, tomato. Just thinking about it makes your mouth water and your cholesterol rise. Of course, no party is complete without the Tequila. And for Joel, there was wine. All of it. A very good time was had by all!

This year was Mason's "Hogwart's Birthday" because he turned 11. There was an invitation to attend Hogwart's, in cake form of course. And then there was the party. It was all about the boys! A demolition derby, cookout, night tag, "Tower o' Brownies, "watching the "A-Team" movie, Nintendo and sleepover (who sleeps at those?!) followed by a great Sunday morning breakfast/brunch. The boys were excellent, the party was awesome. Same time next year!


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