Welcome to Portia's Fabulous Sweet 16!
Could it have been any sweeter? It was so awesome! All our favourite people, all our favourite food!

Too many choices! Typical party chez Biswas. Too much food, not enough people.

Special times deserve special guests. Uncle Roy, Calder and Heather - having you there just made the day!

Family is ... everything!

Picture Perfect!

Forever Friends

The Birthday Girls!
It was so perfect to share the day
with Tory, who even got her own cake

A couch full of comfy!

Thank you clean plate committee!


Buns for me?! You shouldn't have. Really!


Pyjama pants? How great! I just ripped mine!
Honest - I didn't make that up.


Having Adie present to share the day was "present" enough for everyone! Come back next year, ok?

The official couple pic.
So much better than Will and Kate

Everybody else is going. Can't I go too?

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