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Ho! Ho! Hold it!
Forget Skylanders or Nerf. This year, Cam has discovered Elf on the Shelf. But not the cute fuzzy one that perches on tree branches or book shelves. He wants the live one. Apparently you order it online, and it comes to you in a box with holes so it can breathe. And you feed it. Does it poop too? This sounds like as much work as a puppy. Will it chew the furniture too?

The countdown to candy has begun!
This year, to celebrate the new porch, we're having a Halloween party for Cam and friends. They are the perfect age for apple bobbing. And cookie decorating. And watching those funny old shows we still secretly like to watch too. This year's costume plans: a vampire. I can do that!

It was Panda-monium!

Miss K's Grade 1 and 2 class got to see the Giant Pandas at the zoo. It was typical June weather, for 2013: cloudy, rainy, cold. But that didn't dampen anyone's enthusiasm. Nor did the fact the bus came almost an hour late. We saw almost everything we wanted so click here to enjoy the tour! This much we can tell you: pandas don't do much.

Where will he hide those eggs?

Everyone loves a great egg hunt. At our house, in the land of Playmo aka the basement, there are a million places to find those eggies. Thanks to the Playmo house, and camper, and ambulance, and cars, and all their little furniture that has moving drawers and doors. You never know where those eggs could be. The best part is - the hunt lasts for days, months even. Until somewhere around late August someone yells "Hey I found another egg!" Click here to join the fun.

Happy Birthday to Cam! Happy Birthday to Cam!

Talk about timing it right. No sooner have we packed up the Christmas wrap only to break out the birthday wrap. Plus it's Chinese New Year. Plus, this year the BIG day falls on Pancake Tuesday. Just how many cakes can one kid eat in a day? We're going to find out! And the birthday cake requested is ... A Mario Kart cake. Which I honestly will be better at baking than I am at playing. To see all the fun click here!

Trick or Treat! Smell my feet! Give me something good to eat!

Excitement is mounting at our house as the countdown to Halloween begins. Papa Smurf was a great costume last year, because most people thought he was either Santa Claus or the Travelocity Gnome. The big questions: what will I be this year? Will I beat last year's candy haul? What are we handing out? And of course - how many days until the big day? The awesome thing about Halloween is that apparently you get chips, which you must eat as soon as you get inside. There will be many more awesome things to report about Halloween as the month goes on. I'm stocking up on the toothpaste and dental rinse now.

Just hangin' around...

Think you got what it takes to be in Scooter Club or to conquer the Yellow Thing? Not unless you're less than 4 feet tall! The Yellow Thing has been the best addition to this street since, well, pavement. Designed to keep cars out of a school lot after hours it actually provides far more fun and exercise than anything you can buy on TV. The kids swing, hang and climb on it from sun up til bathtime. You should see those little black feet! Which keep a pretty steady pace now on the scooter. Click here to see all the action

A table full of friends

How do you measure fun? By the tablefull at our house. We have two tables and it's often pretty tight quarters getting everybody seated. But getting squished in is just part of the fun. Cam's friends Olivia, Gwen and Grace dropped by for an afternoon of "Let's make this and let's play that!" Really doesn't get much better. There was all sorts of fun to be had, and excellent art work to be made.

Just hanging around

The last day of school. So long notebooks, good-bye classroom, hasta la vista homework. Farewells to favourite teachers and we raced out the doors to ... the monkeybars. Back in the fall, Cam dreamed of making it across those bars. Only to be met with failure and despair. Come spring, it was a whole new effort and with daily determination he conquered those bars and showed them who was boss. He was "king of the swing" using those arms to swing back and forth countless times. Last day of school meant getting in one last great session for all the kids, including Tessa and Gigi, ready to leap into action. Meet you back there this fall, gang!

Senior Kindergarten Graduation

Forget "Pomp and Circumstance." Bring on the cupcakes and "Che Che Kooley." Teacher Miss Kelly baked 70 cupcakes for the class and parents to enjoy at the after-party, which took place in the class following the Graduation in the library. How cute are those caps? How cute are those faces? It was sweet from start to finish.

My Official First Loose/Lost Tooth!

And so it begins. The initiation into the Tooth Fairy visits. There was much anticipation about when this first tooth would finally make an appearance. How would it feel? How would it fall out? Would it hurt? What if I accidentally swallow it? Yes, it was a little uncomfortable. No, he did not swallow it. Amazingly, it fell out while Cam slept. How convenient is that? And the tooth fairy waited to come until Cam brought his tooth to school for show and tell.

It's Easter ...Let the hunt begin!

There are so many great hiding spots in the world of Playmo. Three floors of house. Beds, wardrobes, washing machines. You could find eggs 3 months from now. Plus the ambulance, the new camper, the African wildlife station and the spy car. It's all good! And chocolate. Keep looking, Cam. I can see one from here.

Cam's 6th Birthday!

It was an excellent party. The turnout was awesome. Good friends, good food and good times! Cupcakes and crunchits. When the grownups are happy, everyone is happy. We ran ourselves silly at Playground Paradise. Mason made balloon animals. There was pizza and pretzels and pineapple, and other good stuff. I have to say - THANKS everyone!!

The One Million Days of Christmas

Our house is filled with Christmas music these days as Cam practices for his upcoming concert and discovers all those great songs we already know. But you may not know this one: The One Million Days of Christmas. He walks around singing all the verses he knows, and then some. He's way past the twelve days that I can only remember half of. Keep on going, Cam! You rock!
And yes, Cam has written another wonderful letter to Santa this year. And thanks to Canada Post, Santa did resond. Read it here.


Trick or Treat! Smell my feet! Give me something good to eat!

Cam's Smurf costume was not only cute, it was warm! And apparently a welcome departure from the usual superheroes and supercreeps. Although many people started off thinking he was Santa, who is also apparently very welcome. Excitement was mounting at our house as the countdown to Halloween began. The big questions: what will I be this year? Will I beat last year's candy haul? What are we handing out? And of course - how many days until the big day? We watched those fabulous corny movies on Family channel; circling special Halloween episodes of fave shows in the TV guide. When it's Halloween, doesn't everyone feel like a kid again?

Hola Amigos!

There was fun, sun and friends to be made after we made a run for the border. Cam had a big adventure going to Puerto Vallarta. His first ride in an airplane, complete with headphones, kids meal and a movie! Then he stayed at a resort where the emphasis was on fun for the kids, and the family. The first thing to put on each day was the SPF 50. BUT - we forgot the zinc stick. Like all the kids there, Cam had those little red lines below his eyes. There were water slides and pools, and there were girls! He made friends with two lovely sisters from Minnesota, escaping the snow and cold like we were. Actually, he made friends with the whole family, enjoying lunches and playtimes at the beach. Ana and Madeline, you sure made our vacation great!

Happy 5th Birthday Cam!

Everyone had a ball, so what better cake to bake than a Winter Wipeout Cake complete with - you got it - the Big Balls! Playmo figures were fine contestants toppling off the ski jump into mounds of icing. It was a whole week of celebration, cake and fun. If all birthdays were feted like this, I bet people wouldn't mind a bit turning 40! Click here to see the birthday boy and all the fun.

Guess who has a birthday coming up!

Yup. Cam is turning 5 next month. This is the cake we made for his 3rd birthday. The Snow Removal Machine cake. It was awesome! Interactive. You could play and eat at the same time. Mounds of fluffy icing topped by piles of candies to scoop and load. Doesn't get much better does it? Well, it does at our house, where each year we try to outdo last year's cake. Click here to see how crazy cakes can get.

HO HO HOw many toys do you want?

When you're a kid, Santa is a big deal. That Christmas wish list starts building in July. You memorize commercials, cut pages out of catalogues and flyers. You don't leave anything to chance. If you didn't get it, then it wasn't on the list. Or you were really really naughty. Currently, Cam has 32 items on his list, and counting. He is 4. Moon Dough, Aqua Sand, Nintendo, Wii, Nerf blasters as big as me. So our new rule is: just because it's on the list doesn't mean you get it.

Click here to read the letter

Tricks and Treats

The whole month of October was spent practising the fine art of being in costume. The kids on the street were going to be prepared for this to be the best trick or treat time ever! And Cameron brought home a haul to be envied by kids twice his age. We covered the dining room table. There were over 200 pieces of candy, and then bags and bags of chips. My favourite part was sorting. Hey - quality control matters!

Cam Goes to School

Cam is ready for JK. But is JK ready for Cam? Blazing new trails in his bright red crocs, Cam was ready to take on the world of academia and playground politics. But then a wasp stung his index finger on the first day of school, right in the sandbox. Not one to be kept down, Cam returned the next day, proudly giving everyone "the finger" and the story that went with it. Cam is enjoying all JK has to offer: Terry Fox, Library, painting, and of course, snack! And friends? Just look below. His dance card is full!

The Prince of OPC Girls Camp

You wish you were him. Swaggering down the dining hall, picking any seat he wanted to sit in. Every where he went, girls called out his name - "Hey Cam!" "Over here, Cam!" He made the rounds of Pios and Pilgrims, Portageurs and Pathfinders, welcomed at all chalets. And the nightlife - well, he just danced until he dropped. Imagine having girls pulling you onto the dance floor! And FSBO, well, we had an in with the lifeguards so it was all good. If there's a bounce in his step, it's cause he was lord of the trampoline. All jumping, all the time.

Alternative Modes of Transportation

Face it. Gas prices are higher in the summer, plus we want to do our part to save the environment. Why walk when you can hire someone to push you around in style? Especially if it involves a pink parasol and the girl it belongs to. This shopping buggy is ideal for sidewalk travel, and comfortable for people of the right size: just over 3 feet and under 40 pounds, kinda like a house elf from Harry Potter. No licence is required, and food and beverages can conveniently drip through the cart bottom. Currently Cam's preferred mode of transport.


July 2010: What is the Breakfast of Champions?

It is a mix of 4 sugary cereals: Lucky Charms, or Mini Charms as Cam calls them; Nesquik or Rabbit Balls (quite accurate. I cannot bring myself to even eat them); Fruit Loops; and Corn Pops or Popnetics (you have to watch the commercial. To watch the commercial, you must have a home filled with kids so that the only two channels in play are Teletoon or Family. The commercials are on Toon). You must fill the bowl to just below the top so that when milk is added, you are guaranteed an overflow.

And the champion? Well, Cam is the champion of mess, and Mom is the champion of cleaning it up.

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