My group. Cam and I did
not get the memo to wear pink.


Everyone had their own idea of where to start first.


Before you got to line up to see the pandas, you got to line up to see the exhibit about the pandas. Which the kids really did like. Why? Because the live pandas are not interactive.

The Grade 1s and 2s went on a field trip to the zoo, to see the Giant Pandas, along with all the other amazing residents. And I was one of the lucky parent volunteers. Tour guide and child wrangler all in one. The weather was what is was for all of June - cold, miserable, impending doom. But the rain held off. After waiting 45 minutes for our bus to remember to pick us up, we were on our way and then joined a line of 100 other buses, who all evidently had the same great idea. And what did those excited children want to see most? The Gift Shops. Every one of them. Manoevering them past countless $20 stuffies and every item they could put their hands on was like herding cats. I had to remind them that we were there to see the animals that were not plastic. Some skillful negotiating ensured we did get to experience the thrill of the actual exhibits. Let me tell you, pandas don't do much. But Rhinos and Tigers and Kangaroos - oh my! The kids were great, the rain waited until we almost reached the bus for home, and we have memories to last until the next visit.

They almost got over the fence. Almost.

How many more can we get on this statue?

This is a real bird and it found us!
It was as tall as the kids and very cool.

Camel rides. Not crowded at $6 per ride

And so it begins. The gift shops ... everywhere.


One is a boy, one is a girl. They don't do much.

Walking through the bamboo forest

There were lions and bears, but the tiger - oh my!

Whatever it was, they were interested!

Nature's tank. And for something that heavy it runs very very fast!

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