Christmas a la Biswas

NO Cam!
We cannot put the Posadas
in the mixer.

Merry Christmas Morning
What did Santa bring? Looks pretty full under the tree. And the stockings are FAT! We empty those first. The orange in the toe counts as Vitamin C. The chocolates are breakfast.

Our Advent Calendar
Pull off a window without ripping the calendar and you get a prize! Usually currency of the chocolate denomination.

Sheep in a pageant
Pigs in a blanket would have been easier. Silly me. I thought I could just attach cotton balls to t-shirts. Just look at Portia's face. She knows.Yeah, right. They don't stick. They don't stay. They come off on everything. It took for freaking ever! My kids will be pigs next year.

Nuts and Bolts
A family tradition. We make a tableful. It lasts just to January. It smells soooo good. And tastes even better. Like a vintage wine, the batch is different every year. High fibre content. May produce methane when consumed in large quantities.

The Patchwork Present
A giant gift for Boyo that we had to keep hidden downstairs for 2 months. Then we had to wrap it Christmas day. Ah ha! Already been used paper worked just fine. And what is underneath? A fuseball table. Oh yeah!

Best Christmas PJs ever!

Christmas with The Posadas
Three knit figures made the rounds of Little T households before Christmas. Mary, Joseph and the donkey hung out with us. They enjoyed spaghetti and meatballs(got a little messy), helped do homework (math - not so good), did some baking, and stayed up all night enjoying 300 channels. I have to say, they were great houseguests.


Gingerbread houses

Did I ever tell you about the time I made a whole subdivision of these for Portia?




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