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Happy New Year Everyone!


Hope you had a great holiday. Ours was all food, family and fun. And a little bit of freezing because it was the year of the Ice Storm. We'll be talking about it forever, and each year the power outage will get a little longer and the temperatures a little colder even though it already is at epic proportions. We were lucky. We were out just under an hour. So we hosted and roasted some family who weren't so lucky. But there is nothing remotely romantic about trying to see by candlelight while you are wearing all your winter clothes to bed and it's Day 3. Gotta say a huge thank you to all the Hydro crews who gave up their holiday to work in that frigid cold and make things right again.



I think I just ran out of wood !
That first step will be a doozy.


You are the first team to arrive!

Really! I promise there is room
for you in here too!

I gotta go! I gotta go!

Dear SP:
This is not a text. Happy Sweet 16!

On the track at the Indy!

How many heads are in this picture?

S'more S'mores Pie!

Why is there a marshmallow on the end?

What do you mean I can't have it?


I scream, you scream ... Ice cream!

It's an IPhone5 ... cake!