My Sister's Room


Of all the places I can go

My favourite one begins with “No!”

“No! That's my room so you stay OUT!”

I don't know why she has to shout


If she asked nicely and said please

She wouldn't need the lock and keys

That she puts on her door each day

Beneath the sign marked “ Go Away .”


But I can't read her silly sign

And I unlock her door just fine

So when she's gone, then I go in

It's time to let the fun begin


My sister's room has so much stuff

That where to start is really tough


She keeps her barbies on the floor,

About a million, maybe more

They have more clothing than the queen

But don't wear any that I've seen.


There's shoes and boots and plastic food

Don't eat it, though – it tastes no good.

The dolls have cars that they can ride

I stuff about 10 dolls inside


I push them up and down the hall

Then down the stairs and out they fall!

My ambulance will soon arrive

To see if any dolls survive


Now sometimes a doll will lose its head

Those I stick underneath the bed

The rest are fine to put away

And on to something else to play

Markers, scissors, glue – that's great

I think it's time to renovate

The doll house, yes that's where to start

I'll tape back what I take apart.


A command centre rocket ship

The walls are pink, so it looks hip

I put some dolls in with some stuff

Too bad those dolls are in the buff.


So I dress them up in astro suits

Complete with lots of little boots


I think I'm done but then catch sight …

My sister's make-up bag – all right!

An alien landing has taken place

So the dolls must come from outer space


Green, blue, purple, and glitter goo

They look fantastic, and I do, too.


That's when I hear her pounding feet

Race up the stairs and then we meet

Inside her room, where I should not be

“What did you do?!” she yells at me.


“This is my room, so you stay out!”

I don't know why she has to shout.

Though I can't read her silly sign,

Both my ears are working fine


“I made this just for you!” I say,

Then I duck and run away

Back to my room, where I can spy

My sister playing, so tell me why


I can't go in my sister's room?



by Cheryl Biswas

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