HOLA 2011

This is the pool where we pretty much spent most of our time. The water was as warm as a bath. People brought you drinks. Ice cream was 20 feet away. Cam was ready to jump in before breakfast.

These are called "palapas". They are lovely shady spots to enjoy the ocean and your many drinks with umbrellas. There is a table to hold your nachos con queso. You stretch your feet out in the sand and say "aaahhhh." If only the doctor asked you to say "aaah" the same way.

The drink menu for the young crowd. Shrek was our drink of choice for the week. Starting after breakfast and straight through to bed. It was green and tasty. Just don't ask what it does to the digestive system, okay?

Here we are ready for breakfast at the all-you-can eat buffet. Our friendly server, Juan, took good care to keep our cups and glasses filled.

Mason was a big fan of the cinnamon rolls on the bread trays behind him.


There was lots to drink, including chocolate milk and pop. Watermelon juice anyone?


Incase you were missing home, a tower of sugary cereal favourites were waiting. Beside the fresh fruit, of course.

Welcome to the omelette station. We had one, custom made, every morning. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

The coffee was outrageously good. And so was the Mexican hot chocolate. Like Chai tea, only very milky with a cocoa note.

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