Portia as Graduate: The Tribute Page

She did it. She conquered kindergarten, mastered the complexities of elementary school, and hit all the high notes in high school. But we knew she would. This girl was born ready to take on the world. In style. With attitude plus a great manicure. Because when you are going to be a future world leader, who cares what your bedroom looks like, when you look this great?

Future World Leader. Non-conformist.
Animal friendly.


Grade 12 June 2013

Grade 8 June 2009

The face says it all: attitude, determination. Not afraid to get my hands dirty, or anything else.

Superb social and communications skills.
Before she could even talk, Portia
knew how to command an audience.

Musically gifted from the start. We could hear her perfect pitch in those early wails.

Junior Kindergarten
There are no bad hairdays

Learning is a hands-on experience

Grade 3
Let's forget about the
bannister incident though.

Sparkles the Clown
She was born to entertain, and did so at her brother's 5th birthday. Balloon animals are no laughing matter.

Grade 4

Soccer stars
Best Friends

Grade 5
"Reye" days. Dr. Reye and
those crazy braces.

Mathematical prowess. Scientific brilliance.
Crazy sense of humour. They all apply.

Grade 6
The ongoing saga of Portia's troubled relationship with cellphones begins with a Sony Ericsson and a sad day in the park ...

Grade 7
Most people struggle to find original birthday party concepts. Not Portia. She held a blizzard party, and everyone came!


Best Halloween Costume Ever!
She comes up with great ideas,
then gets her people (aka Mom) to execute them

Grade 8


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