What I Did On My Summer Vacation

or Wanna Sign my Cast?

So this wasn't what I planned to do on my first day at camp. But the bench wasn't supposed to tip over while I was climbing on it. I fall, I put out my arm and SNAP. PAIN!!

So on the left is my first cast from Parry Sound. Since their bone doctor was on vacation, I had to come all the way back to Toronto.Good thing Dad was able to turn around on the highway and come back for me. It was going to be a very long night.

My favourite part was when the paramedics came to get me in the ambulance up at camp. They were so great. They stuffed a bunch of pillows around my arm so that it wouldn't hurt. How bad was it? My arm hurt if I even looked at it. They gave me some drugs, and a drip. But all I really wanted was a cold drink. We finally got to Toronto around midnight. They set me up in a room and propped my arm up on blankets that kept sliding down. OWW!

There were all these lights and noises that went on all night long. You don't get a good sleep in the hospital. So my mom was there when they set my arm and put on the new cast. She got to help. I keep asking her how gross it was but she won't tell me. She says I just kept saying Oww a lot. But I don't remember.

I was so glad to finally go home. Finally, something to eat and drink. But my arm hurt a lot the first few days.


And this is me getting to take off the cast. At last! I can bend my elbow again. And bite my nails. Ha! ha! I can't wait to go back to camp.

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