Queen of the Realm

Woodland Challenge OPC

A whole month of trekking and fitness. Not spinning or yoga either but bushwhacking and tri-athlon in the rain fitness. Yeah, we're talking no pretty lycra and spandex wimps allowed. And showers? Maybe once a week. Except for the 10 day adventure trek. They didn't even use toilet paper for that one! But it was amazing, and no one wanted it to end. Every cut and bruise is now a battle scar to be worn with pride. A tale to be told over and over again, each time getting better with the telling.

First Day

Girls Camp OPC

Imagine being the only guy in a camp full of girls. Imagine being the cutest little thing they have ever seen. That was Cam's summer camp experience, two glorious weeks. Bedtime - there was no bedtime! We played the wide games, did the dance parties, ate the late snacks. And of course, there was Tuck. Where Mom worked. All tuck, all the time. Even on the trampoline. We love you, OPC!

Doing low ropes with some helpers


We can't say enough good stuff about OPC so click here to visit their site and learn more. Maybe we'll see you there next summer!

Learning all the right dance moves



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