Summer got off to a great start with Koruna visiting from Australia. The time flew by, but we made the most of it, celebrating at Cedarbrae. Of course, Koruna left us something beautiful to remember her by. She worked with Benoy to plant a garden at Carlaw.
We marked the end of a successful first year of school for Cam. Mr. Boyd was an excellent teacher!

With July came the annual Camp 400 as Matthew ferried kids and gear up and down Hwy 400 to summer camp. This year Portia did her LIT, Leader in Training, at OPC. She was asked to be a lifeguard. Way to go, Shamu! And we are happy to report that Mason was able to stay at Koinonia longer than 2 hours and enjoy his first week of Youth Camp. We enjoyed visiting them, eating their food, and swimming in their lakes.  

Tents and Rain and Bears
Oh MY!
It had been planned for months. Eagerly anticipated. A real camping trip, at a park, on a site. So up we went to Killbear, because Boo was working there and that would be to our advantage. Maybe not so much to hers. There is a reason the park is called Killbear. There are a lot of bears at that park! So, we started out, our pickup truck loaded like something from the Beverly Hillbillies. We made it on the DVP to discover we had no A/C. Unlike the Clampett's, we would never survive the drive. An hour later, A/C working, we were headed north. B and her crew were somewhere just ahead of us. Traffic was brutal getting out of the city, but it finally cleared. Then we got the call. B's van had blown a tire. They were stranded on the side of the road. We doubled back and helped get them going. And we all arrived well after dark, around 10. I cannot tell you how many pickup trucks and campers were there. We had borrowed and brought a tent. Which we pitched by headlight and firelight. It was a learning experience. Then, around 3 am, I heard it. The unmistakeable snorting, snuffling and heavy steps just outside the tent. The bear was there!!! I held my breath, terrified. Which was pointless because you're supposed make noise to scare the bear. Thankfully, he moved off. To visit B's site, and then, the bear came back! By then, I had woken Matthew up. We both sat silent and still. The bear finally moved on. And the rains moved in. Yup, there's nothing like camping in the rain. Unless you are moving and setting up your tent in the rain. We do know how to have fun! Tarps work better before they get wet. But at least we had the hair straightener and blackberry charging station up and running. Gotta have your priorities!
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